SQInsertec is a company specialized in offering consumable materials for foundry industry, for continous casting industry and for steel ingots industry.

Our company

SQInsertec was born from the union of the Chinese multinational SQ Group and the Basque company Insertec with the aim of providing cost effective solutions to the foundry industry and the steel industry.

From the union of both companies arises the strength, the experience and the deep knowledge of the sectors of the foundry and the steel mill.

Our values

In SQInsertec we have an illusion, to provide the most profitable refractory solutions to our customers with the best service. Our values and foundations will help us achieve our goal.

  • We are close to the customer to know their processes and needs well.
  • We give good service, being fast and flexible.
  • We are honest with our recommendations
  • We work smart to be able to offer our clients materials at the best price and giving value.

  • We offer products that are increasingly environmentally friendly.


  • Approved by ISO18001 Occupation Health Safety Management System

  • Approved by ISO14001 Envirnmental Management System; each year we will invest tens of millions RMB for effluent, exhaust treatment.

  • Approved by “National AAA-Class Enterprise with Good Practise on Standarization”
  • Biomass technology research & development industrialization enterprise, build up low carbon cycle economy

SQInsertec Europe, S.L. makes available its policy of quality, environment and safety at work. If you want to get further information regarding this policy, please contact us.