ZG series paper pouring tube

Paper pouring tube for foundry can replace ceramic pouring tube, are mainly used in lost foam casting, full mold casting, traditional sand casting, etx, which can improve the quality of castings, reduce the scrap rate, improve the quality of reclaimed sand, and reduce the work intensity of workers.

ZG-straight tube

ZG-elbow tube

ZG-tee joint


  1. According to the process design, use straight tubes, elbow tubes, and tee joint tubes to connect to form a pouring system;
  2. When need to adjust the lenght, use a paper cutter to cut the tube, the connect it;
  3. The joints of the cutting parts need to be wrapped with tape to prevent gaps affecting the effect of the tube;

Storage and shelf life

Keep in cool and dry place, away from moisture, avoid compression.

handle with care during package, loading, transportation.

Shelf life

One year

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