Wide range of binders for steel and foundry: cold box, furan and phenolic resins

Cold Box Resin

Cold box process is a high-performance, highly productive core manufacturing method. The specific feature of the cold box process is its high reactivity, which makes short production cycles possible for core production.

  • Low emissions
  • High strength
  • Low-odor
  • Nonhazardous solvents
  • Long sand bench life
  • High dimensional consistency of the core
  • Excellent stripping performance

Cold box resin series for sand core assembling process


  • High strength, easy for handling with robot
  • Excellent stripping performance with less frequency usage of release agent, up to 20% higher efficiency of the core making
  • Excellent collapsibility performance
  • Excellent sand flowability

Which can be applied to ferrous alloy castings

Super low additional level of cold box resin series


  • Super high strength
  • Up to 20% binder usage reduction
  • Lower viscosity with better sand flowability
  • Eco-friendly, up to 20% lower aromatic content
  • Lower VOC

Which can be applied to ferrous and non-ferrous castings, especially for the cores with complicated structure with thin wall.

Aromatic free cold box resin series


  • Free of aromatic content
  • Lower VOC emissions
  • No deformation after coating application
  • Lower smell, lower odor
  • Good stripping performance

Which can be applied to ferrous and non-ferrous alloy castings.

Furan Resins for foundry industry

  • The biggest furan resin manufacturer in the world with 200,000MT annually plant
  • The biggest furfuryl alcohol manufacturer in the world
  • Continuously development on lower VOC emissions, lower odor resin series
  • Lower monomeric furfuryl alcohol content resin without any sacrifice on strength
  • Lignin modified resin series with much lower odor and VOC emission

FRNL series lower furfuryl alcohol furan resin series


  • Reduced VOC emission
  • Without any sacrifice on strength and overall performance
  • 80% less furfuryl emissions
  • High reactivity

3D series furan resin for 3D printing process


  • Free formaldehyde is less than 0.1%
  • Lower viscosity
  • Higher reactivity with higher productivity
  • Higher strength
  • Lower gas evolution
  • Excellent casting surfaces
  • Eco-friendly

Phenolic Urethane No-bake resin

  • Low emission
  • Low nitrogen content
  • Excellent surface finishing

  • Excellent control on curing time
  • Excellent bench life / stripping time ratio
  • Excellent core & mold strengths
  • Excellent dimension consistency of the mold/cores

Aromatic free phenolic urethane no bake resin series


  • Free aromatic content, up to 30% VOC emission reduction
  • Free formaldehyde is less than 0.1%
  • Excellent deformability to eliminate the cracks defect of the castings
  • Lower viscosity
  • Lower pinholes defect plssility

Which can be applied to ferrous alloy castings

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