SQ Insertec aims to become Europe’s leading supplier of casting and resin materials. Our solutions for the foundry industry include: Resigns, coatings, lifting sleeves, filters, auxiliary materials and materials for metallurgy.

Products for foundry



SQ Insertec can supply a wide range of binders for the foundry industry in different applications.



SQ Insertec supplies coatings for foundry industry and siderurgy: water and alcohol based, foam and other coatings.

Riser Sleeves

Riser sleeves

SQ Insertec supplies exothermic and insulation riser sleeves for foundry industry and siderurgy.



SIC foam, Zirconia, Alumina, Carbon and pressed filters for foundry industry and siderurgy.

Auxiliary Materials

Auxiliary Materials

Auxiliary materials for foundry and steel industry. Contact us to know more about our auxiliary materials.

Metallurgical Materials

Metallurgical materials

SQ Insertec offers different materials for high performance metallurgy. Inoculants and Magnesium Alloy Nodulizers.

Products for continous casting

SQ Insertec manufactures and distributes a multitude of refractory products for the continuous casting.

Continous Casting

Products for steel ingots

SQ Insertec manufactures and distributes a multitude of refractory products for casting in steel ingots.

Steel Ingots

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  • Approved by ISO18001 Occupation Health Safety Management System

  • Approved by ISO14001 Envirnmental Management System; each year we will invest tens of millions RMB for effluent, exhaust treatment.

  • Approved by “National AAA-Class Enterprise with Good Practise on Standarization”
  • Biomass technology research & development industrialization enterprise, build up low carbon cycle economy

SQInsertec Europe, S.L. makes available its policy of quality, environment and safety at work. If you want to get further information regarding this policy, please contact us.