Slurry and Core-shot Sleeves for steel and foundry

Riser sleeves types

Slurry sleeves

FT 500 series slurry sleeves

Highly insulating and exothermic feeder sleeve for iron and steel castings.

  • Wide range of modulus between 0.9 to 4.0cm
  • Wide size range from 3.5 to 150mm
  • Good exothermic performance
  • Adequate strength can be rammed up directly on the pattern plate
  • High grade of insulation with an additional exothermic reaction
  • Many different shapes are available: open, blind, oval, neck down and side types
Type FT500modulus(cm) Geomodulus(cm)
M40x75~M140x170 1.35~3.94 0.87~2.8
A30/90~A140/170 0.9~3.73 0.64~2.5
A50/60R~A130/140R 1.41~3.69 1.0~2.64
S70~S140 0.89~3.68 0.63~2.64
T40/60/60~TT100/150/150 1.29~3.33 0.94~2.38
Lid accompany with sleeves

FT100 series insulating and exothermic sleeves

  • Modulus range normally between 3.5 to 8.0cm
  • Mainly used for medium-big iron and steel castings
  • Good insulating and exothermic performance
  • Many different shapes available: cylinder, oval, neck down and side types
Type FT100modulus(cm) Geomodulus(cm)
M150x150~M325x325 3.5~8 2.7~6
T100/200~T360/580/300 3.9~10 2.7~7.2
S15~5300 3.5~7.5 2.9~6
X150~X350 4.2~7.5 3.4~6
Corresponding lids

Direct pouring sleeves series

  • Accompany with filter, which can replace gating system as the pouring cup
  • Modulus range is from 1.9 to 5.5cm

Core-shot sleeves

FM series core-shot sleeves for iron and steel castings

  • High dimension accuracy
  • Fluorine free series are available
  • High feeding efficiency
  • Excellent exothermic performance
  • Mainly used for small to medium iron and steel castings
Type FM100modulus(cm) Geomodulus(cm)
FM100~A120/35~A140/170 0.5~3.8 0.3~2.5
FM100~M140x75~M140x170 1.3~4.1 0.7~2.5

High density core-shot sleeves for iron and steel castings

  • Fast igniting and highly exothermic performance
  • Extremely small contact areas to the castings
  • High dimension accuracy
  • High strength
  • Metal breaker-cores are available
  • Low emission and eco friendly

ECD Breaker Core Series

  • High strength
  • Easy to cut the root
  • Silica sand, chromite sand, ceramic types are available
  • Good heat resistance

Anti Piping Compound series

  • High exothermic value and good insulating properties
  • Prevent formation of undesirable
  • Preventing loss of heat through radiation

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