We are manufacturers of industrial furnaces and refractory materials

We provide innovative solutions to the industrial heat sector

“From the beginning, the progress has been the engine of Insertec”

We design and manufacture custom industrial and refractory furnaces.

A combination of activities that has become a sign of identity and quality of our services for its clear synergies. A perfect fusion and one of the keys to our success.

In Insertec we work to transform the world, to help society to progress, because our activity is essential in industries as diverse as renewable energy, transport or the automotive industry, which have such an impact on the progress and social welfare of today.

Auxiliary Materials
Auxiliary Materials

\ Integral production process

We create value for our customers thanks to our experience and know-how.

Our knowledge in furnace engineering and manufacturing helps us produce better refractories, and our deep knowledge in refractories helps us design better furnaces.

In Insertec we control all production facets of our products thanks to an integral production process. From the extraction of raw materials for refractories in our own mine, to the assembly and commissioning of the equipment in the customer’s facilities.

Insertec Group

Insertec, founded in 1980, is today a powerful international industrial group, present in 8 countries, with headquarters in Bizkaia – Spain – and numerous delegations around the world.

We have an excellent team of more than 250 highly qualified professionals.

In addition to our headquarters and delegations, we have our own plants and infrastructures such as:

  • Mine in Guadalajara (Spain), from which we extract the mineral for our refractories.
  • Leading chemical laboratory to carry out tests for our projects.
Auxiliary Materials

Preparing the future

In Insertec we have acquired the commitment to give a sustainable and responsible response to the incidence of our activity on the planet.

Our R + D + i team carries out research projects around the production of refractory regeneration, as well as energy efficiency solutions for our teams, which can provide a sustainable response to future needs or to socially responsible companies.

Likewise, we manufacture different types of industrial furnaces for industrial recycling processes.

“We will continue, innovating and building. Because our commitment is to provide innovative solutions in the industrial heat sector, now and in the future.”